Katija and Sonja

Katija Dewar and Sonja Hausner


Katija Dewar

Katija was born with a love for food. Raised on a 32 acre farm and within restaurant kitchens before she could see over the counters. Her love for art, travel and connectivity with people brought her into a career in the fashion industry, holistic nutrition and then to work within the culinary world. She is grateful to have traveled across multiple continents and had extraordinary experiences as a celebrity chef, boat chef, private chef & food truck owner. It is here she finds her most inspired moments and the unplanned chaos that can arise within a kitchen and speaks to her heart.


Sonja Hausner

With her intense love of travel, photography and adventure, Sonja’s spontaneity has lead her into many journey’s, crossing continents and inspiring those around her. With a strong creative character, her talents are vast crossing through through the culinary, commercial trades and horticulture worlds. These career experiences have given her great skill to intuitively adapt to new situations. Her love of knowing people creates an inviting atmosphere to share your stories and you may spontaneously end up skinny dipping in a river nearby.